Summer Course The Idea of Europe: from the Lisbon Earthquake to the Lisbon Treaty


This comprehensive course fills a gap in ISCTE’s educational portfolio, since it covers key aspects related to the historical development of an identity in the context of the European Integration project, as well as the institutional structure and functioning of the European Union and relates these structural aspects with current domestic and external challenges.

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The course is aimed at university students, diplomats, the military, and professionals involved in European affairs.


Rui Tavares (CEI-IUL)
Luís Nuno Rodrigues (CEI-IUL)

Equipa Docente

Rui Tavares (CEI-IUL)
Luís Nuno Rodrigues (CEI-IUL)


This comprehensive course will begin by covering key aspects related to the historical development of an identity in the context of the European Integration project, starting with the age of Enlightenment all the way to the end of the second world war and the formalization of the European Coal and Steel Community in the early 1950s. Some cross-cutting aspects will be explored in more depth, such as the theoretical, ideological, and normative dimensions of European values and norms. The course will cover the development of the institutional architecture and the treaties and dynamics that gave way to the current European Union structure. It will also focus on the EU’s functioning and main policy areas as well as the role it has been assuming on the global stage as a norms promoter.

S1: The roots of Europeanism: from the Lisbon earthquake to the Lisbon Treaty;

S2: Key European actors: who matters and why? S3: Major domestic challenges: the rise of populism and the Brexit;

S4: Major domestic challenges: Fortress Europe, Schengen and the refugee crisis;

S5: Major external challenges: Is the EU still a trade giant? The EU, the rising multipolar order, and Trump’s USA;

S6: Major external challenges: instability in the neighborhood: is European normative/ civilian/ ethical power still relevant?

Data de realização

Courses Dates:
23 - 27 july 2018


06pm -  10.30pm


Applications Fee- 25,00€
Registrations Fee- 10,00€

Tuition Fee
100,00€ (50,00€ Student ISCTE-IUL)


Aplications /Registrations Online
22 de may at 13 de july 2018

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IPPS-IUL – Instituto para as Políticas Públicas e Sociais 
Av. das Forças Armadas, Edifício I, Gabinete 1W7, 1649-026 Lisboa
Horário: de 2.ª a 6.ª feira, entre as 10:00 às 13:00 e das 14:30 às 19:00 
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Telefone - 210 464 021 - Ext.292100

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