Action Plan for the Integrated Operation of Mina de Água (Amadora)


Building Sedas Nunes (Building I)
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The Plan must meet and ensure:

  1. the need to promote a broad, open and consequent process of consultation with local actors;
  2. that the actions to be carried out must serve the development of these communities by promoting their social and economic cohesion and equal opportunities;
  3. that the plan should be developed promoting the articulation with projects, programs and other types of interventions already underway in the territories.

It is also important to consider that the Action Plan has a multisectoral nature and combines material and immaterial investments.

As established in the Notice, the projects to be developed must include:

  • The empowerment of local actors in partnership networks - including central and local administration bodies, associations and companies - for the regeneration of disadvantaged areas;
  • The development of partnerships and local interventions to promote the health and quality of life of communities, through support for projects presented by collective associations, non-governmental organizations, civic movements and residents' organizations, in articulation, in particular, with municipalities, health authorities or other public entities;
  • Access to health, developing community health and combating addictions;
  • Betting on sport as one of the social instruments that bring our society together, being extremely important in promoting values ​​and fighting social inequalities;
  • Access to culture and creativity and appreciation of interculturality;
  • The elaboration of a diagnosis of the population's needs and the development of adult literacy, Portuguese language learning and digital inclusion programs;
  • The commitment to professional training and employability promotion policies adjusted to local realities and dynamics;
  • Commitment to the qualification of young people and adults and the certification of their skills, with a view to completing education and qualification courses and increasing education levels in completing qualification courses;
  • A strategic and concerted investment in the sequence of training and educational paths promoted in the municipality (offers from level B1 to B3, from NS to Level 4, from there to Level 5, etc.)
  • The design of projects to combat school failure and dropout with the involvement of educational communities, training schools and their professionals, defining specific paths for the recovery of learning;
  • The development of active and healthy aging programmes, strengthening infrastructures and organizations working on the ground, and recognizing the role of lifestyles, including the promotion of healthy eating and participation in physical and sports activities in safety, with the aim of objective of improving the quality of life of people who age;
  • Entrepreneurship of small, locally based businesses, endogenizing the initiatives, creating income for the community and increasing the overall sustainability of the intervention beyond the validity of the plan;
  • The articulation with the 3rd sector for solutions to combat poverty and social exclusion;
  • Citizenship and access to rights and civic participation, through multidisciplinary teams and with the participation of the public to whom the program is addressed;
  • The regeneration of socially disadvantaged areas, reversing phenomena of social fracture and promoting social cohesion in metropolitan areas;
  • The physical requalification of the public space or the reinforcement of social, health or housing infrastructures; these initiatives can be developed within the scope of the measure itself or within the scope of a measure of the PRR of transversal application;
  • Encouraging community participation in the management of the program itself.
  • This roadmap of concerns will be present in the process of elaboration of the Action Plan that IPPS-Iscte intends to support.



Paulo Feliciano


Teresa Evaristo

Vanessa Carvalho da Silva

Paulo Pedroso




Begin Date

  • 30 may 2022

End Date

  • 26 june 2022

Finished Project

Objetivo 11: Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis - Nações Unidas - ONU  Portugal