IPPS-Iscte recently opened a Public Policies Planning and Evaluation Unit, with the aim of responding in a systematic and concerted manner to the various requests we have received from Central, Local and International Public Administration.

The growing importance given to the scrutiny of public policies and the need for support in their design and implementation make it essential to come closer to the University. Considering this, we contribute to a more solid transfer of knowledge.

The work developed by IPPS-Iscte has as a central concern to add value to public policies, benefiting from academic research and its methodological rigour.


Main Coordinator

Projects Coordinators

Research Assistants

Scientific Consultant

 Paulo Feliciano          Isabel Flores  Miguel Madeira Sérgio Lagoa
  Maria Álvares  Fábio Anunciação  
Paulo Feliciano Inês Santos  
Paulo Pedroso Patrícia Gramaxo  
Ricardo Paes Mamede Cláudia Vajão  
Teresa Evaristo Yilian Pérez  

Nuno Coelho   
Beatriz Mendes  
Tomás Martins  
Matias Andrade  
João Lopes  


Edifício Sedas Nunes (Edifício I)
Gabinete 2SE3
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