Summer Course China and East Asia: identifying challenges and scoping the future


The learning experience is geared towards developing the skills needed to comprehend the specificity of these regions and engage in the dynamics of contemporary international relations, characterized by globalization, the emergence of new players, especially in the areas of economy, science, technology, culture and society. At the end of this course students will be able to understand and frame the specificities of China and East Asia at the internal and international level (regional and global frames)

The course addresses China and East Asia providing the right tools to offer an overview on the subject so that students may comprehend national, regional and international settings.
At the end of the course students should be able to identify the specificities of China and East Asia and to be able to draw strategies for better explaining the phenomena in these country and region.

1. Understanding the context of China and East Asia;
2. Comprehending China and East Asia economies and their characteristics;
3. Recognizing the systems of innovation, science and technology;
4. Identifying the specificities of business in this regional area;
5. Understanding the relations between Portugal and East Asia, departing from an historical perspective;
6. Recognizing the main elements for security and peace in East Asia;
7. Identifying the importance of cities in networks design;
8. Comprehending the challenges of working in China;
9.Recognizing the main characteristics of East Asia societies and cultures



Understand the evolution and contemporary political, economic and societal situation of China and East Asia.

Áreas temáticas:

International relations.


Curricular unit:

China and East Asia: Identifying Challenges and Scoping the Future


The course is aimed at university students, diplomats, the military, businesspersons, and professionals interested in contemporary political, social and economic situation in China and East Asia.


Virgínia Trigo (BRU-IUL)
Nelson António (BRU-IUL)
Cátia Miriam Costa (CEI-IUL)

Equipa docente:

Nelson António (BRU-IUL)
Cátia Miriam Costa (CEI-IUL)
Álvaro Rosa
Bruno Cardoso Reis
Sandro Mendonça

Informações Gerais:



18h00 - 22h30
Applications FEE- 25,00€ Registrations FEE- 10,00€ Tuition FEE - 100,00€ (50,00€ Student ISCTE-IUL)

ISCTE-IUL | Lisbon


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This Summer School is a scientific product of the Centre for International Studies


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